Exchange Binance resumed work after a two-day break

February 7, cryptocurrency exchange Binance have stopped all operations due to «unscheduled maintenance work» on the update. Initially it was assumed that all work will be conducted «live», that is to disable the exchange was not planned, and takes less than an hour. It was reported that reduced only the speed of the exchange. However, something went a bit wrong.

After the exchange went offline, many users became nervous, as similar reports have previously preceded a complete collapse or the news of the great robbery: technical failures before closing to discourage MtGox and Cryptsy, similar to the largest Russian stock exchange BTC-e responded to the arrest of Alexander winnick and RAID us intelligence on your datacenter.

In the case of Binance, it seems, all do cost maintenance. After some time off trading, stock exchange representatives assured customers that their funds on the spot, but copying and synchronization «held in a tense mode and will require more time than was planned».

In the end access to exchange was restored only on 9 February. The company explained such a delay a DDoS attack on the cloud provider. Although the problem has already been solved, some of the consequences may still remain. Therefore, the difficulty of access to the primary domain the exchange recommends the use of mirrors or

Administration Binance will provide all its customers a 70% discount on Commission for two weeks, until 24 February 2018 (24:00 UTC) to smooth the inconvenience caused by a temporary outage. Let’s hope that this failure will only be really technical and will not have other consequences.

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