Exchange Bithumb launches cryptocurrency payments 6 000 stores in South Korea

One of South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges Bithumb is launching a new service that will allow customers to pay with the cryptocurrency at more than 6 000 stores across the country.

Bithumb announced on Monday that it «is expanding its offline services cryptocurrency payments» in partnership with Korea Pay»s Service, said
Korea Joongang Daily.

«Korea Pay»s Service — the first Russian company providing mobile gift certificates and solutions for companies such as Starbucks, Outback and Kakao Talk,» notes Economic Review.

Approval Bithumb, Korea Pay»s Service more than 200 partners. In the message of the Korea Joongang Daily says:

«Customers will be able to make purchases about 6000 stores of brands such as Cafe DropTop, Yankee Candle and Sulbing, one of the most popular confectionery in Korea.»

Representatives explained that mobile applications will be created barcodes that allow clients to make payments in cafes and restaurants using their cryptocurrency stored on the exchange. Citing the fact that «advanced cryptocurrency markets such as USA, Japan and Switzerland» are already using the services of cryptocurrency payments, the exchange has said it will continue to expand its services through cooperation with various partners. Bithumb plans to launch its service in the first half of the year to the end of the year will increase the number of stores up to 8 000.

Last week, the exchange said the expansion of its service center, which is located in Seoul’s Gangnam, in connection with the increased flow of customers. In mid-March Bithumb announced
about the beginning of cooperation with BitPay to facilitate international transfers. In addition, the exchange began to set cryptomate to allow any person in South Korea is easy to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

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