Exchange OKEx launches cryptocurrency index Fund

Another cryptocurrency exchange this time OKEx, founded by one of the once-largest cryptocurrency market, the Chinese company OKCoin — has launched a cryptocurrency index Fund (ETF).

New product OK06 Exchange-Traded Tracker (OK06ETT) is a Fund of six cryptocurrency assets, where investors can invest for diversifikatsii risks.

According to the report, initially, the Fund will include bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), EOS, and OKB — own utilitarian token exchange OKEx. In the further part of the cryptocurrency could change, as it will determine the market. In order to get to the index of the crypto token must be among the 10% largest assets in terms of trading against USDT for the last 30 days. OKB is included in the index Fund by default.

It is noteworthy that OKEx submitted its index a few days later, after a similar tool HB10 presented
cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Pro. Basket HB10 consists of digital assets with the highest liquidity and market capitalization.

Another feature is that as Huobi, OKEx opens your index Fund for Chinese investors and makes it unavailable to investors from the United States and Hong Kong. This is due to the established local regulators imposed constraints as regulators of Hong Kong are not yet outlined its position in relation to cryptocurrency ETF. Recall that OKEx is under the jurisdiction of Hong Kong, where the exchange moved after his forced departure from China.

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