Experts say the cryptocurrency continues to gain popularity in Russia

The results of the study related to the adaptation of Russian society to the adoption of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency, the experts who conducted the REU them. Plekhanov, they came to the conclusion that the cryptocurrency gradually ceases to be perceived in society as a marginal means of payment for illegal transactions.

According to associate Professor of the Department of Finance and prices of Diana Stepanova, the study also showed that this is due to the development of industry solutions based on smart contracts.

She stressed that in the near future, Russian specialists intend to use them in different areas. As an example, Stepanova led the start-up of decentralized, technology-based cryptocurrency social network, which users will be able to fully control personal page, which will give them an opportunity to obtain revenue from advertising.

In addition, according to her, smart contracts can be used to create a securities market without the participation of the stock exchange or clearing centre, as well as in health care.

In General, according to experts, the blockchain is increasingly gaining the trust of private and public companies.

«The success of this technology due to the fact that the blockchain allows you to store information not on a single server and in a distributed form. This is especially important when it comes to privacy in financial transactions, she said. – Maybe in a few years this technology will become the industry standard, and Russia should be ready for this.»

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