FAT Taiwanese airline opened sale of tickets for bitcoins

The Taiwanese airline FAT Taiwan Inc recently announced that it will start accepting payments in bitcoins for payment, becoming the first carrier in the country, who decided on this step. Statement
FAT of 28 February States that it will accept bitcoins to pay for tickets and related travel services, as it seeks to become the first company introducing cryptocurrency to the aviation industry in the country.

Passengers can pay in bitcoin for tickets to more than 20,000 routes. The organization’s President Zhang Hanwei (Zhang Gangwei) explained that his company sees «bright future of cryptocurrency», since last year it has become «an important instrument in the implementation of transactions.» Zhang said:

«The widespread use of cryptocurrencies in different sectors will open new opportunities for business, airlines, hospitality industry and whole tourism sector. FAT will be the first firm in the industry, introducing cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology».

Perhaps the adoption of the cryptocurrency the company has prompted the recent statement by the new President of the Central Bank of Taiwan, who said that he supports the introduction of the blockchain. In addition, in October last year, the Chairman of the Committee for financial supervision of the island offered
to support digital currencies and blockchain, similar to Japan.

Of course, Taiwanese FAT – not the first of its kind, the carrier is interested in cryptocurrencies and bloccano. In 2014 Latvian AirBaltic became the first airline in the world, began to accept bitcoin, and it was followed by other carriers, including Japan’s Peach Aviation.

Many organizations in the aviation industry in one way or another testing and implementing the technology of the blockchain to optimize their operations. Among them are Singapore Airlines, Air France, S7 and other Russian.

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