Federal customs service of Russia to strengthen control over import of equipment for mining

At the request of the FCS of Russia customs authorities will strengthen control over import of equipment for mining cryptocurrency which refers to the graphics card, including GPU farms, FPGAs and ASIC devices.

The customs authorities examined imports of such equipment on the territory of Russia, and demanded from their employees to mandatory compliance by traders and physical persons of requirements for the importation of such goods.

«Due to the fact that the equipment for mining cryptocurrency functions based on certain cryptographic algorithms, it is subject to the restrictions that apply to the import of goods with encryption and cryptography, – said the representatives of the FCS of the Russian Federation. According to the Regulation on the import into the EAEU and export from the territory of the EAEU of cryptographic devices, their movement is carried out only when there is information about the inclusion of a corresponding notification in the unified register of notifications or licenses.»

According to the regulations, the importation of equipment for mining for personal use, its shipment by international mail and delivered by the carrier should have a notification for a specific model of a miner and go through the process of Declaration.

The importation of miners are also subject to two technical regulations of the Customs Union «On safety of low voltage equipment» and «electromagnetic compatibility of technical means».

«The conformity assessment of such equipment is carried out in the form of conformity. Such equipment is subject to mandatory marking with a single mark (EAC) market of the EEU», – stressed in the FCS.

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