FedEx introduces the blockchain for dispute resolution and tracking

Logistics company FedEx started the adoption of the blockchain in their daily operations, joining the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA). This was reported by the trade publication Freightwaves
this week, noting that FedEx is developing a series of industry standards on the use of the blockchain within BiTA. It is reported that the company is testing several platforms at the base of the blockchain.

FedEx, a member of the Council for standardization BiTA, launched a pilot program using the blockchain for storage of the data to resolve disputes, said the Vice-President, strategic planning and analysis Dale Christie (Dale Chrystie). In the framework of the project it is planned to establish what data are needed for the invariant of the registry to facilitate the resolution of disputes between clients sending and receiving goods via FedEx. The company also wants to use the blockchain to store information about parcels:

«In our system every day, there are about a million records, and we think of the blockchain in the framework of the implementation of secure supply chain that can change the logistics industry. We believe that in this space there are many possibilities and technology will help us to simplify the exchange of data».

Senior Vice President of it at FedEx, Kevin Humphries (Kevin Humphries), also said Freightwaves that platform based on blockchain technology will enable customers to more effectively track the parcel, not only when they are in the possession of FedEx, but after the company receives them.

While FedEx said only a few possible options for the use of technology, Humphries «hopes that the blockchain will be implemented in different areas of the company.»

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