For unlocking of the website of Ministry of Ukraine, the hackers demanded a 0.1 BTC

The website of the Ministry of energy and coal industry of Ukraine hacked hakerami calling themselves X~zakaria. At the time of publication on the main site page there is an alert on the technical work.

Burglars not too praised the performance of the site office. For unlocking, they require 0.1 BTC (that is a little more than 900 dollars or 24 thousand hryvnia).

«All the important files of the site are encrypted. Many of your .php .css .js and other files are no longer available because they were encrypted. Maybe you are searching for a way to restore your files, but don’t waste your time – nobody will be able to decrypt them without a special service decrypt», – is spoken in the message of the hacker on the main page of the site.

On the transfer of ransom to decrypt the files, attackers provide 10 hours – after that time all files will be permanently deleted. X~zakaria provides links to instructions about how to buy cryptocurrency – an article in English Wikipedia about bitcoin and the leadership of its acquisition.

It not the first case of hacking and ransom in bitcoin. In 2017, the virus-cryptographer Bad Rabbit attacked a number of government agencies in several countries, including the Kiev metro Ukrainian Ministry of culture. For the decryption of files its creators demanded 0.05 bitcoin. However, hackers usually attack computers, not websites, since the information available on the site, is usually formed dynamically from the database. Rest no more than templates and is of no value. Themselves database obviously not been compromised.

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