Forbes has published a rating of the cryptocurrency billionaires

Forbes magazine published a ranking of billionaires, who increased their capital through virtual currency. The Americans lead in this list.

On the first line is the co-founder of the third most popular cryptocurrencies, Ripple, in the past CEO Chris Larsen with 7.5-8 billion. The amount of Ripple’s capitalization comes to $ 29 billion. In monitoring the Forbes ‘ experts analyze their own cryptocurrency as Larsen’s 17% stake in Ripple.

Six years ago, Larsen took the allies of the founder of Stellar platforms and MtGox jed Mak-Caleb and decided to implement a blockchain in banking at the international level. Larsen has released the token Ripple (XRP). The year began for this cryptocurrency, with a record $ 3.75, and the capitalization reached 141 billion. At the time of publication XRP can buy 0.76$.

The silver went to Joseph Lubina — co-founder of Ethereum, Director-General of the blockchain, the company ConsenSys, last top Manager of Goldman Sachs investment Bank. His condition has from 1 to 5 billion dollars. American believes that the blockchain can build transparent financial world. Developing the infrastructure for this technology, Gliwice actively invested in Ethereum at the beginning of 2014. Today, the American CEO of ConsenSys, which provides consulting and audit services, security services, and runs the tokens.

The condition of his partner, co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin, estimated at 400-500 million dollars.

On the third line of the rating of cryptomelane is CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, in the past technical Director and co-founder of OkCoin, Zhao Canpan. His condition is 1.1 to $ 2 billion.

Binance appeared in 2017 and quickly became the leader among exchanges in trading volume a day. The platform has established itself on the global market for digital money, as every second handles 1.4 million transactions from 6 million visitors. Users trading with 120 different coins on Binance, in recent months has provided a profit of $ 200 million.

The world’s first businessmen, who have earned bitcoins on more than a billion dollars — the brothers Winklevoss — has taken the fourth place ranking with a 0.9-1.1 billion. Cryptocurrency condition brothers has about 100,000 bitcoins. In 2013, the brothers invested in digital money of 11 million dollars. Then bitcoin could be bought for $ 120. Their capital to investments in the bitcoin they have earned for speculation. In addition, the business sued the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, 65 million dollars for violating their copyright if you create a social network.

In addition to the Russian-speaking Buterin, the rating was Valery Vavilov. He opened a mining company Bitfury in 2013. The decision brought him 500-700 million dollars.

Based on the study, the experts Forbes took a well-known material on crypto-currency reserves, after-tax profits and value of cryptocurrency companies. The rankings took into account the opacity of the operations of digital assets and the volatility of the market. In addition, the authors of the monitoring took into account the vulnerability to steal tokens and hack cryptocurrency exchange.

Cryptocurrency market is young and volatile, so the researchers took performance in the range. Data are given on January 19 of this year.

Chief editor of Forbes USA Randall lane:

«We’re pretty sure we missed some people and that some of our estimates may be far from the truth. But that was in 1982 when we first published the ranking of the 400 richest Americans. And then many told us that this cannot or should not be published. But we did it, as he was firmly convinced that, by shining a light on the invisible world of wealth, will make the world a better place. The current report has the same purpose. The condition of this magnitude should not hide in the shadows.»

Full list of crypto-oligarchs version can be seen here. In the Forbes study are not mentioned such famous people as the founder of Bitmain, Cihan, investor Roger Ver (for 2015 he owned about 300,000 BTC), as well as CEO of Bitfinex and Tether — Jean Louis van Der Velde, and other major figures in the industry. The size of their States in cryptocurrencies is presently unknown, however, if we would have to put them on the first lines in the rating.

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