Former Senator of new Hampshire: «bitcoin can change the world»

Former Governor and Senator of new Hampshire Judd Gregg (Judd Gregg) said that the bitcoin to change the world against the currency as a whole. In an article published in The Hill, Gregg said, why do people believe in bitcoin as it can be used and what it could mean for the world economy.

Briefly comparing bitcoin with gold, Gregg noted that the latter has value because it is small and it is accepted by banks, while bitcoin is supported primarily by the faith of its owners. The main difference is that bitcoin is not owned by Central banks, he wrote.

Since bitcoin is not controlled by any nation, government or Central Bank, Gregg said:

«It sounds as good as if not is happening in our world. Bitcoin can completely change the field of commercial transactions.»

If people have enough confidence that bitcoin has real value, he can enter into a «new era,» said Gregg, who will give him the «stunning» potential and ability to emerge as a world currency.

However, Gregg also noted the importance of the dollar in today’s global economy, stating that «it is difficult to predict when the dollar will cease to be a major element of world trade.»

Comments ex-Senator is not the first example of how American policies support the technological and financial possibilities of the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

In April of 2017 Senator of Nevada Ben Kicherer (Ben Kieckhefer) introduced the bill, which opens up opportunities to attract blockchain startups to work in the state. The bill prohibits the taxation of applications based on blockchain in Nevada and at the same time acknowledges the legal effect of digital signatures in the blockchain.

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