France creates a working group for the regulation of cryptocurrencies

The Minister of economy and Finance of France, Bruno Le Mayor announced the creation of a working group that will develop mechanisms and regulatory standards to regulate cryptocurrency. A group headed by the former Deputy President of the Bank of France (BOF), Jean-Pierre Landau.

Appointment to this post the enemy of cryptocurrency suggests that regulation is unlikely to be soft, and France may go the way of China and South Korea that impose one restriction after another.

«We want a stable economy: we don’t want to be speculative and the risks associated with bitcoin financial leaks,» – said the Minister of economy.

The main task of the working group on countering money – laundering, tax evasion and the creation of criminal schemes, including the financing of terrorist organizations.

Le the Mayor suggested looking at the regulation of cryptocurrencies at the April G-20 summit. The Minister stressed that United, the country’s «Big twenty» will be able to enter the bitcoin in the legal field.

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