France has blocked 15 unregistered cryptocurrency sites

Under the new legislation of France cryptocurrency companies regulated by the Commission for the supervision of financial markets (AMF), therefore, are required to register.

On the Commission’s website lists 15 other cryptocurrency sites that continued to offer its services without registration with the regulator. AMF has blocked these «offers an atypical investment» sites.

«Investment proposals, which indicate the possibility of financial return or similar economic consequences, connected with mediation in different assets, and now they are under the control of АMF. Therefore, no proposal can not be directly represented in France without first obtaining a registration number from the AMF,» reads a press release of the Commission.

The Commission also noted the presence in this area risks to consumers and encourage them to be careful when investing.

«In order to reduce financial risks, it is necessary to know more about the organization and mediators and to understand that high profits are always associated with high risks» – like controller.

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