FRD and Tai Cloud signed an agreement on joint development of blockchain technologies

Development Fund of the Far East (FRD) and Beijing Tai Cloud company Corporation (Cloud Tai) signed an agreement on joint implementation of projects based on the technology of the blockchain.

Tai Cloud company has extensive experience in the development and implementation of many innovative solutions based on the technology of the blockchain, including technology management, supply chain, energy infrastructure, accounts, patients, and financial technology.

Example of practical application of the technology of the blockchain Tai Cloud company, is created for the China National Food Industries Corporation (China national Corporation of food industry) an improved system of food supply that tracks the path of each orange from the tree to the counter of the supermarket.

The far East and Eastern Siberia is about 42% of the territory of the Russian Federation, which includes some of the world’s largest reserves of natural resources, including 30 % diamond, 20% fresh water, 70% of Russia’s fish resources and 50% gold. The development Fund of the Far East is actively involved in priority projects of development of the region.

On behalf of the President of the Russian Federation worked out a project for the creation of a special financial centre in Vladivostok — the business capital of the region. Formation of conditions for rapid introduction of modern technologies, including technology of the blockchain is one of the goals of the project. In particular, we are talking about the company Cloud Corporation Tai (Tai Cloud) takes a direct part in the construction of financial center in the port of Vladivostok.

The Foundation’s representative also added that the centre can work with branches of foreign credit institutions, including with the use of digital currencies.

«As is the introduction of a new blockchain solutions in various industries, grow and benefits to the economy and society. The technology of supply of oranges, launched Tai Cloud is just one example of how the blockchain technology can make efficient and transparent supply chain. The Russian far East has a very rich natural resources, the use of which should be made more effective. In this respect, the technology of the blockchain today is the best solution. Take, for example, diamonds. The far East produces one-third of the total world volume of diamonds,» — said General Director of Fund of development of the Far East Alex Chekunov.

One of the first projects in which the company Tai Cloud implements the technology of the blockchain, could be the creation of «digital diamonds» — tokens D1, which converts the diamonds in investment assets, comparable to gold. This project implements FRD together with Singapore company Diamundi.

«We are very pleased with how was this meeting and how it ended. Our company has entered into a cooperation agreement with the development Fund of the Far East and we look forward to when we can work together on the implementation of advanced blockchain solutions in the framework of international Russian-Chinese project, which, among other things, will be an important element of cooperation between our countries in the field of the initiative «One belt and one road»,» said Danny Dang (Danny Deng), President of the Tai Cloud.

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