French Finance Minister proposed to discuss the regulation of bitcoin in the next G20 summit

French Finance Minister plans to hold discussions on bitcoin regulation at the G20 summit in 2018.

Reuters reports that Finance Minister Bruno Le Mayor (Bruno Le Maire) in an interview on Sunday said that he will ask Argentina, who is Chairman of the «Big twenty», to make a topic on the bitcoin discussion in the upcoming meeting in April. Le the Mayor said

«I’m going to invite the President of the G20 – Argentina, to raise the issue of bitcoin on the summit of the group in April. Obviously, there is a risk of speculation. We need to study the issue and to understand how all members of the G20 can adjust the cryptocurrency».

In which direction will go the debate is unclear. Representatives of the G20 countries have previously discussed this issue in the framework of the meetings of the financial stability Board, which is studying the technology in 2016.

What Le the Mayor wants to initiate a discussion – not surprisingly, given the proactive policy of France in respect to the blockchain. For example, earlier this month the government approved
new rules that allow the use of a blockchain platform for OTC trading.

Also this year, the financial regulator of France (AMF) has announced that it will start the UNICORN program aimed at supporting research and the collection of funds through digital assets.

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