French startup Qarnot introduced the heater with the function of mining on graphics cards

Combining the functions of mining and heater in a single device — an idea widely known and it has not once tried to implement, including in Russia (RMC startups and Comino) and Ukraine (startup Hotmine), and now in that direction we decided to work with the French. But, unlike the competitors, mining will be on the cards.

As a rule, commercial uspehami undertakings prevents the technical complexity of implementation, and the fast obsolescence of mining chips, with the result that income drops rapidly. However, the development of chips for mining slowed down, and almost two years on the market did not appear more energy-efficient ASIC miners.

French startup Qarnot (probably named in consonance with the name of the French physicist Nicolas Carnot — approx. ed.) presented QC1 – heater which heats a room by means of mining. The company is engaged in development of economical heaters for construction companies since 2010 Qarnot sold three generations of computational heaters with multiple processors, and now drew attention to mining.

Heat is one of the biggest challenges in creating a data center and such major French companies like BNP Paribas, Société Générale, Air Liquide and Blender are trying to solve it.

«We provide computing power with extremely tight constraint that corresponds to the needs of heat supply of consumers» – said co-founder and chief operating officer Qarnot Miroslav Sviezeny.

According to him, the objective of the company’s products is to offload some of the computing system in traditional data centers, which is especially important in the summer warm season. QC1 is equipped with two AMD Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX580 with 8 GB of memory and, by default, designed for mining ether.

According to representatives of Qarnot to configure the device requires only a few minutes within which you want to connect to the Internet via Ethernet and enter your wallet address Ethereum in a mobile app.

The company stresses that Qarnot does not charge a Commission and all the esters obtained by means of «cryptologists» go to the user. For heating can be used as power of the GPU and traditional built-in heating element.

The authors of the project clarify that the heaters Qarnot have no hard drive and rely on passive heating and does not emit a buzzing sound in the background. QC1 will cost $3600, earn it about $120/€100 per month, that is for commercial use hope not. You can pay with bitcoin.

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