Fujitsu has launched a loyalty system on the blockchain

Japanese it company Fujitsu has launched Intelligent Society Solution Blockchain Asset Service based on the technology of the blockchain system of loyalty, focused on innovative retail Commerce.

The system combines traditional marketing strategies (coupons and loyalty points, which together should have a positive impact on sales), and blockchain-storage system and method of their analysis to improve advertising strategies.

«We intend to introduce the collection of digital points by using the QR code reader located in different places. Subsequently, customers will be able to accumulate their points and use them in shops and shopping centres within a specified region. All this will be recorded in the blockchain, which eliminates the possibility of errors and forgery», – reported in Fujitsu.

Fujitsu expects that the developed system, combining events and promotions held in tourist areas or shopping centers will allow you to attract customers and increase their willingness to buy.

The company believes that the system will also allow you to more effectively set the strategy for regional revitalization, based on the characteristics of user activities discussed in the analysis results, and on factors such as the use of coupons and other benefits.

Fujitsu has tested the loyalty system with other companies, in particular, rail and telecommunications. In March, Taiwan trade network FamilyMart used the system in the framework of transaction management and storing of digital coupons.

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