Fujitsu has opened a Center blockchain innovation in Brussels

The Japanese company Fujitsu, one of the world’s largest it corporations, has opened in Brussels, the Center of blockchain innovation (Innovation Center Blockchain). About this initiative the company announced
on Wednesday noting that the main objective of the centre is to assist in the research of the technology of the blockchain and development projects in cooperation with organizations of the private and public sectors.

«The centre highlights the commitment of Fujitsu to the blockchain and other technologies for distributed registry in improving the processes of purchase, sale and exchange of goods and services for consumers and companies.»

Yves de Beauregard (Yves de Beauregard), head of Fujitsu Benelux, marked increase in customer interest in the technology of the blockchain as an incentive for the establishment of the centre and noted that the geographical position of Belgium, among other factors, made it the most appropriate place to launch the initiative. The company noted that the center also will focus on projects related to smart cities.

Frederic De brek (Frederik De Breuck), Director of sales and business development Benelux at Fujitsu, explained that the urban population will continue to grow over the next thirty years and that it will be necessary to develop a system that «will integrate information and communication technology infrastructure and architecture to address the social, economic and environmental issues.»

«Using the technology of the blockchain with its potential to open registry key capabilities of voting and its ability to automate processes and initiate smart contracts will certainly play an important role in this changing environment,» said De Breck.

Over the last couple of years, Fujitsu has been at the centre of industry attention due to its development in the field of blockchain. Last summer, the company first created
the system of data exchange on the blockchain, and then introduced
blockchain for high-performance systems based on the technology of Hyperledger Fabric. In addition, last November, Fujitsu Laboratories, the research center of the Corporation, announced a technology cooperation of the block chain.

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