Full support SegWit will appear in Bitcoin Core 0.16 in may

Despite the fact that introduction of technology SegWit is much slower by design, and share segwit transactions for several months does not exceed 10-12%, it is not in place. Recently about support SegWit announced peer-to-peer platform LocalBitcoins, and in early January about the release of the wallet with the integration SegWit said BTC.com. Of the major cryptocurrency exchanges Segwit support Bitstamp and us unit Bitflyer, and soon it may appear on Coinbase.

First and foremost, the widespread introduction of SegWit stops the unavailability to it of the primary network client Bitcoin Core, where segwit addresses can only be used with RAW transactions, and manually create and specify the address of delivery, that is, each platform should modify the client themselves.

The team Core has finally attended to this issue, and fully support SegWit will be included in the upcoming release of the new version Bitcoin Core 0.16.

According to the latest schedule of releases, version 0.16.0 is planned to finish by may 1, 2018. In addition to the other optimizations of the network of bitcoin, it is expected that the new version is aimed at solving the problem of scale, today the most important of the problems of bitcoin.

Curator Jonas Shnelli (Jonas Schnelli) was accompanied by a selection of statistics news Bitcoin Core for 2017, which includes nearly 1,200 mixed requests for the inclusion of code and commits 3277 confirmation from 713 participants.

From the persistently high cost of transaction fees, bitcoin users are asleep of the industry requests for improved network scale through the integration of SegWit. However, many well-known cryptocurrency companies still ignore SegWit give preference to other functions — in the first place, probably due to the aforementioned technical difficulties. But after you enable the required code to a new release of Bitcoin Core, integration SegWit finally can be completed by the middle of the year — almost a year after activation.

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