Game Machine’s Plan to Revolutionize the Global Gaming Scene.

Video gaming has come a long way over the past decade. Today, the gaming industry takes into account the most sophisticated aspects of technology with PC games remaining a huge part of the industry. The increased number of new titles, the new trends extending into esports and the digital distribution channel allow gaming companies to expand their margin and attract a global audience. In 2016 alone, well over 2.6 billion consumers spent over 43 billion hours playing video games. Collectively, the gaming industry has reached revenues as high as $100 billion with more and more investors and developers making their mark in the promising sector.

 “More people are playing games every day and spending more money on games, unlike almost every other form of media, where there’s downward pressure,” Colin Sebastian, senior research analyst with Robert W. Baird & Co, explains, “Games are still a growing industry and [they’re] becoming more dynamic. Video games should be near the top of the lists of investors”.

The stage is getting bigger as new technologies emerge. The growing popularity of blockchain technology has had a direct influence on the booming gaming industry, so it’s only fair to combine both technologies to create a force to be reckoned with.

The concept, developed by Game Machine, can be described as a globally-open, transparent ecosystem that involves all players of the industry, from players to developers and investors. It provides players with in-game items for their favorite titles to enhance their gaming experience, delivers a platform for developers from around the world to present their games to a loyal audience, advertisers get the space and tools to advertise to the platform’s users, and investors can find a worthy project to invest in easily and faster than they would have before. This all happens within the Game Machine ecosystem.

So what exactly is Game Machine’s role?

Game Machine provides the crowdfunding platform. Gamers have access to analytical data and interesting ratings to consider as they make safe contributions in creating a profitable product. The system provides all statistical data on the number of interested parties of an idea and the developer behind the idea. The developers can use the data to focus on segments that are more appealing to a greater audience, raise funds for project development with ease and start ICOs on the platform. This greatly simplifies the process of searching for valuable projects by investors.

On the other hand, investors are invited to a special section that focuses purely on investment opportunities in the industry. Investors are awarded exclusive discounts and sales for a majority of token sales from the crowdfunding platform. Top-tier investors get an opportunity to purchase tokens released by every project in the Game Machine ecosystem. They can then sell the tokens to both gamers and developers for profit.

Game Machine, with its token sale sent to end on 31st January 2018, already has a working product. The team of developers created an app with only $80,000 to go with and gained 50,000 users and more than $1,650,000 in their first round of token sale. Over 40,000 in-game items were given out in less than two months after launch. The miner is also showing promise with more than 500,000,000 Game Machine Client tokens obtained. Rating agencies and industry professionals believe that Game Machine will revolutionize the global gaming scene.

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