Gaming platform The Abyss for the first time implements the sale of tokens on the model DAICO

Gaming platform, The Abyss is planning the first in the world to hold tocancel on the basis of the mechanism for the decentralized allocation of tokens — DAICO. At the core of the product – technology of the blockchain, allowing you to create a modern game environment with the ability to use cryptocurrency.

The Abyss builds «smart» gaming ecosystem, where developers earn, reducing marketing costs, but users are receiving a percentage of referral fees. Now to get income not only payments, but also through games and social activities. The priority for the project will be a Free2play MMO games and cryptogra. Also on the platform will be available games of other genres, including games AAA-class.

ICO evolyutsioniruet to DAICO

ICO limited regulation in most States attracts fraudsters, and, accordingly, does not protect investors against loss of investment. In addition, the ICO is often necessary to limit the time and amount of fees. Promising ICO so popular that complete in minutes, and not all interested investors time to participate in them.

The platform Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin proposed to improve the model ICO to add to it the best features of decentralized Autonomous organizations (DAO), which can get a number of processes and increase the security of the system. So there DAICO – an innovative model of fundraising, which makes the primary supply more secure and affordable for investors.

According to Vitalik Buterin, a single team of programmers who decided to raise money for the project, publishes a contract DAICO. The start of the contract DAICO with «treatment of investment». The following describes the mechanism of how to make ether into the contract by exchanging tokens. The team can choose any mechanism of implementation – limited or unlimited sale, Dutch auction, interactive ICO, KYC-sale.

After the end of the investment period closes, the opportunity to make a broadcast, you define the initial balances of the tokens. Now they can be traded. «DAICO is a simple, elegant solution. It starts with a ICO-like phase, which is called the «contribution regime» during which people buy tokens. After the goal or time limit, the tokens be traded,» commented the founder of Ethereum.

When funds are paid, the contract status is determined by the «tap». They, in turn, set the period and the amount that developers will be able to withdraw from the contract. With the new model, investors with a vote will be able to come to a common opinion about monthly expenditure volume of attracted investments.

Investors provide developers with the monthly budget and monitor their work. If they are satisfied with the state of Affairs, the amount, if necessary, can be increased if no investor is entitled to close the contract and take their money.

The gaming industry and The Abyss

The Abyss is a gaming portal mainly multiplayer online role-playing games (Massively Multiplayer Online Game, MMO game,) offering players and developers multi-level referral program (which spent ⅓ of the net income of the platform from user fees).

Tocancel gaming platform, The Abyss will work on the model DAICO. In advanced concepts using Oracles industry professionals – you can close the project and return of investment to holders of tokens. The size of the initial tap will be determined by the project team after the end of licensee.

Key features of the project:

● bivaljutnoj;

● output token to the crypto (including in automatic mode);

● gamification of the service.

In addition, using internal CPA networks (Cost Per Action) service developers can exchange traffic with colleagues, to acquire and provide each other with relevant users.

As for the motivation of the participants, the developers, including receiving income (%) from payments of referred users make in other platform games. In addition, the developers become partners, since they now directly buy and sell each other targeted traffic. Direct revenue from developer payments in his game is 70%.

The platform offers developers a number of other advantages, including the ability to accept payment in tokens ABYSS (Protocol ERC20 on the Ethereum blockchain) and Fiat currencies, the target audience at the start of the project, integration — support in their games etc.

Players, in turn, can participate in motivational programs and rewards in tokens for game achievements, creating content (reviews, streams, guides, etc.), the tasks of the developers. Each player can participate in the referral program and receive a percentage from all payments attracted them to friends and friends of their friends etc. (total 5 levels). Also gamers can make money selling game items in the domestic auction, and participating syndicates (Masternodes).

The platform will be presented on Desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux), will also be available on mobile (iOS, Android) and browser (Web) version.

Selling token starts on 7 February (15:00 UTC) and will last till April 1 (15:00 UTC). Soft Cap project is 5000 ETH. The sale will feature 60% of the issued tokens.

It is worth noting that in 2017 the video game market grew by 12% and exceeded $100 billion, that became a new record for the industry. Analysts SuperData predicts that by 2020 it will increase by 60-80% and will reach $168 billion

To learn the news of the project, discuss the concept DAICO and propose idea to improve it can be in Telegram-chat project, The Abyss.

To send a question or suggestion regarding the improvement of the model DAICO, as well as apply for inclusion in the list of Oracles of the project can be reached at: [email protected]

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