«Gazprom Neft» opens in St. Petersburg a Centre of digital innovation

«Gazprom oil» forms in Saint-Petersburg Center of digital innovation (CCI) for the development and subsequent implementation of the technology of the blockchain in the field of logistics, processing and marketing with the aim of improving the effectiveness of the company’s business, said the Chairman of the Board of «Gazprom oil» Alexander Dyukov.

«Focus, CCI will be the creation of breakthrough digital products designed for the development of a unified technology platform business «Gazprom Neft» for logistics, processing and marketing», – he said.

On the basis of CCI Russian oil company will bring together national representatives of the technological and IT-startups, software companies and the scientific community who will seek and develop innovative solutions designed to modernize the business model of «Gazprom oil».

The activities of CCI will focus on the development and application in business «Gazprom oil» of big data technologies and blockchain, predictive control, digital doubles of enterprises, the industrial Internet of things, self-learning systems based on artificial intelligence, etc.

«The world around is changing rapidly. Today our challenge is to conduct large-scale digital transformation, the company aims to dramatically improve business performance. This transformation is impossible without searching and rapid implementation of innovative solutions. So we set ourselves a complex problem – to involve in the process of creating a new industrial digital technology all participants of the Russian innovation ecosystem,» – said Dyukov.

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