«Gazprom oil» used blockchain in logistics

The Russian company «Gazprom Neft» has tested the blockchain in logistics logistical resources – technology used in the delivery of pipeline armature from Veliky Novgorod to the platform «Prirazlomnaya» in the Pechora sea.

«Valves were installed radio frequency tag (RFID) and sensor satellite positioning (GPS). At the stage of shipment from the manufacturing plant in Veliky Novgorod after reading the RFID tags were formed document with information about the delivery. The GPS sensor will control the movement of the load on the storage base in Murmansk, the speed of its movement, the number and duration of stops along the way. All received data from the devices were recorded by a smart contract and reflected in the blockchain», – said the representatives of «Gazprom Neft».

Information on warehouse and transport operations – posting of products to the warehouse, transfer to jetty for loading, shipping back to the platform is transmitted in a similar way.

«The blockchain has provided an inextricable link between physical deliveries of all accompanying processes and workflow, and also allow all stakeholders to access reliable information in encrypted form,» the company said.

According to participants of the pilot, its successful implementation has confirmed the possibility of applying blockchain technology in supply chain management «Gazprom oil» considers the prospects for further use of the potential of technology and replication of its results.

«The blockchain in supply will create an ecosystem for the interaction of all participants of process, such as a manufacturer, inspector, logistic operator, warehouse, and customer. We see potential in the development and further application of technology,» said Director of Directorate for procurement and capital construction of JSC «Gazprom Neft» Abdullah Karaev.

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