GENESIS on the blockchain aims to reduce the entry threshold for investment in real estate

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New environment investment opportunities are becoming a reality now. Decentralized projects, solve system issues, improving and cheaper services for the end customers and attracting investment capital for business development.

April 1, 2018 start of the ITO project GENESIS, which allows anyone to invest in a sector with traditionally high reliability and stability of income in real estate. Moreover, such attachments be available even to investors with a minimum capital or just not willing to risk a large sum. The project is based on the technology of the blockchain.

The idea of combining new digital technologies with this industry is not new. Projects, trying to combine the blockchain and the estate, for many. GENESIS — one of the first projects, which is based on a serious idea for the introduction of the real sector in the digital economy.

In fact, GENESIS offers a new model of investing based on an advanced method of asset management, where tools are used, the blockchain and smart contracts. The founders of the project believe that this is the future. Crypto-currencies and tokens can be effective tools. However, it is impossible to rely only on the growth of their market price. Such projects are doomed to failure. Over an investment instrument should be a real asset. GENESIS is a commercial real estate.

The project is a multi-functional operating platform, and international real estate Fund, merged into a single corporate structure. The objectives of the Foundation GENESIS is the acquisition of the property of commercial real estate, leasing and efficient property management. In addition, the Fund provides for investing part of the income directly in the construction and reconstruction of real estate objects of different purpose. Development activities will help to develop the infrastructure of cities and will give participants the opportunity to receive additional income besides the regular income from the commercial use of objects.

Participation in the project GENESIS, as in any classic real estate Fund, gives investors the benefits of:

  • It is not necessary to place an object in the property.

  • Ensure that investments and facilities management professionals.

  • High degree of diversification.

  • In GENESIS to this list, you can add another low entry threshold, equal to 1 Euro (nominal value of 1 token project), and the convenience of managing your share of the assets.

    The rental income in the form of dividends is distributed among the participants of the project through a smart contract. Equal rights, security, the absence of intermediaries and the costs to all participants guarantees the principle of operation of smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. Smart contracts govern the flow of funds from the sale of tokens and the distribution of tokens between participants. According to the creators, each investor is co-owner of all owned Fund facilities. The share of each investor is determined by the number of available tokens for the project.

    We can say that GENESIS combines the capabilities of a classical real estate funds and crowdfunding platforms with the difference that it outperforms the crowdfunding platform’s functionality, and the classical foundations for the accessibility and convenience of participation.

    What is the GENESIS platform

    On the platform of GENESIS built the whole business model of the company. With its help, the project will develop in the future, offering new products and expanding the functionality, as it happened in Uber, Alibaba, Amazon and other platform companies.

    And, of course, the platform serves as a means of communication between the investor and the Fund, as well as asset management. She kind of reminds of an electronic platform for the trading of securities on the stock market.

    Through a personal account the investor can see all the necessary information about the objects of investment, the current market value of the assets and to apply the command on a snapshot of the sale or purchase tokens.

    The project ensures participants a level of profitability 12-25% per annum. This is direct income from the rental of facilities to rent. Since we are not talking about residential real estate, namely commercial, where rents are higher and the tenants are organizations you can count on high stability of earnings. The Fund is not tied to real estate in any country in the world. This allows you to diversify risks and protect against losses. The company guarantees the redemption of the tokens at face value. That is, if the investor decided to withdraw from the project at any moment he can return spent on the purchase of tokens means, selling their tokens to the company. So, the bottom threshold of 12%. For comparison, even the maximum rate on deposits in Europe now make up about 2-3% per annum.

    In addition to the direct rental income participants can receive additional. This profit is obtained from the Fund’s participation in special projects, which have already been mentioned. The profit in this case will be 25-75% per annum. It is comparable in yield from such instruments as mutual Funds and investing in the stock market. True, the risks in the case of mutual funds and securities in times above, than in real estate transactions. As the shares and securities may lead the investor in the negative. In GENESIS to the negative yield is impossible.

    In addition to the profit received during the period of ownership tokens of the company, the investor can make money by selling the available tokens at the market price on the stock exchange. According to the expectations of the organizers of the project, the cost of the token within 6-9 months after release to the stock exchange will grow several times.

    Here, of course, the question arises about what would happen if a large drawdown or the collapse of the cryptocurrency market. But this is precisely the main difference from the GENESIS projects designed solely to increase the market value of cryptocurrencies. The token project is not associated with rates of cryptocurrencies. Its value lies in real assets — real estate owned by the Fund. Therefore, any fluctuations do not affect the value of the token GES nor the amount investors dividends.

    The level and stability of income from real estate operations are dependent upon the correct selection and competent management. Strategy GENESIS itself suggests investing only in projects reliable, well-known developers. And the first transaction it is planned to make do only with the participation of the finished liquid object with the multi-year rental contracts. Audit before the purchase and maintenance of the facility after the purchase of an experienced Manager — the key to success in real estate.

    The founders of the project

    The founders of GENESIS — business people who does not know about real estate investments in different countries, well versed in the intricacies of commercial law and have substantial experience in the ownership and management of properties abroad. Each of the company executives responsible for their unit problems.

    Alexander Bystrov — the youngest of the leaders of the project. In the period from 2007 to 2016 was the founder and head of a construction company involved in the construction of the stadium «Saint Petersburg», a unique complex of protective constructions against floods in Saint-Petersburg (dam), infrastructure in the preparation of the Olympic games 2014. in Sochi. Owns restaurants in Spain, as well as commercial premises in Germany and Russia. In GENESIS Alexander is responsible for international cooperation, implementation of special projects, headed the Department of marketing and PR.

    Vitaly Shashkov has over 20 years of successful experience in the fields of investment and real estate management. Owns the commercial and business areas in Russia and Spain. Previously, he was a member of the Board of commercial Bank in St. Petersburg. For several years he worked as Advisor to the General Director on legal Affairs and chief legal and audit Department in sue «Fuel and energy complex of St. Petersburg». In addition to real estate Vitaly for the past 15 years and owns multiple businesses and audit firms, one of which bears the title of «Best auditing organization SPb in the housing sector.» 20 years, owns a number of fishing and fish-processing enterprises. Vitaly knows where to invest to maximize profits. That’s why in GENESIS he is responsible for strategic investment and financial development.

    Dmitry Dung headed the Department of commercial and corporate law in one of the largest consulting companies of Russia — Institute of problems of entrepreneurship in Saint-Petersburg. For a long time was a consultant of RAO «UES of Russia» on legal issues, coordinated the implementation of joint projects with PWC, Deloitte and KPMG. Prior to this he led projects for companies of RAO «UES of Russia», Gazprom, RAO «Russian Railways», JSC «SIBUR» and other major Russian holdings. Dmitry is well versed in legal matters and knows how to manage major projects, so he is responsible for the company’s development strategy and current operating management, and also heads the legal Department of GENESIS.

    As can be seen, the organizers successfully do business and invest in real estate and companies in the real sector of the economy as private investors for a long time. And in the project GENESIS they decided to join forces.

    For the successful operation of the project, Alexander, Vitaly and Dmitry gathered an international team of experts. Among them business development from Germany with great experience in kriptonyte, real estate experts from Germany, Scandinavia and England as well as the top Russian developers.

    Read more about the project’s GENESIS can be found on the website of the company.

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