German Bank VPE launches cryptocurrency platform for institutional investors

German Bank VPE Wertpapierhandelsbank AG (VPE) has announced the launch of cryptocurrency trading platform for their institutional investors – the first of its kind in Germany. At VPE have a license from the Federal financial Supervisory authority of Germany (Bafin) and the Bank decided to expand its brokerage services and to offer «best technology» to its customers. All services will be «safe and regulated».

Press Secretary VPE Wertpapierhandelsbank AG Strenski Katharina (Katharina Strenski) said:

«Until now, institutional investors are faced with high barriers to entry in criptology. Our services in the sale of digital currencies will become more convenient alternative.»

Worldwide institutional investors, or «whales» typically control huge sums of capital. They are continuously looking for ways of penetration into the cryptocurrency markets, but are often faced with obstacles of their own efforts on lobbying, which had delivered them from the competition. Because of this access to the developing asset class is difficult for them.

«In recent years, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litecoin, ether and others, have become a promising asset class,» notes Stransky. «Today, trade of digital tokens is limited to cryptocurrency exchanges or online markets. We are pleased to be the first German Bank to offer our customers with the cryptocurrency trade.»

VPE provides brokerage services, investment advice and portfolio management, financial corporations, private and institutional investors. The Bank also provides clearing services, settlement of transactions with securities, contracts for difference, options and futures. Germany — economic power, and therefore any step that German companies are doing in Cryptoprotected will surely affect the market. Germany is the economic engine of the EU and its largest economy, a constant innovator and the largest exporter of goods.

All this may indicate the appearance of a stimulus in the development sector of digital assets, as German institutional investors are among the most successful in the world. For its part, being «Bank trading securities», the VPE notes
in its press release:

«VPE has impressive trading figures and has access to the appropriate networks and equipment for processing of individual transactions. VPE also complies with all the requirements of KYC/AML».

VPE offers automated scriptacolous, developed in partnership with Solarisbank, the first banking platform with a full banking license and also with the support of leading banking and cryptoexpert.

«Virtual trading account VPE is deposited Solarisbank. Customers will also get access to a cryptocurrency wallet, managed by the VPE. This will make trading quick and simple, while ensuring the highest standards of security,» says the company.

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