German Gref: Sberbank employees do not just fall for mining

In November last year, the cryptocurrency community has stirred up the statement of the Vice-President of Sberbank Alexander Vedyahina, who said that the shortage of video cards on the Russian market is caused not by the miners, and Sberbank, which bought them to equip the artificial intelligence lab.

However, mining was not spared the country’s biggest Bank. As Chairman of the Board of Bank Herman Gref in the course of communication with the participants of the final of the contest «Leaders of Russia» in Sochi, Sberbank employees often come across on the mining of cryptocurrencies in the workplace.

«We’re not mining, although we often catch our staff that our equipment are mining», – he said.

The Chairman of the Board of Sberbank said that to him personally mining cryptocurrency uninteresting, because it’s a primitive business.

«I can name you a dozen other investment with a higher yield,» he added.

Gref confirmed that last year Sberbank bought cards are not for mining cryptocurrency, and to equip his laboratory for the development of artificial intelligence.

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