Germany will sell seized bitcoins from drug dealers

In 2015, investigators of the German Federal state of Hessen seized 126 PTS worth around 50 000 euros as a result of exposing the network of traffickers. Now the regional authorities intend to sell bitcoins, the price of which is almost EUR 2 million.

According to attorney Benjamin Krause, the sale will be conducted in the coming days – the money will go to the state Treasury.

«At the current price, of course, selling is very interesting, he says. – We consider bitcoin as perishable goods and sell them at auction.»

According to experts, if the bubble will not burst, it will be the biggest sale of bitcoins by the German authorities. While German bankers and politicians warn about the risks of speculation with bitcoin, the Treasury of Hesse can be enriched to 1.9 million euros as a result of such «speculation».

Bitcoins are planning to sell Germany’s largest cryptocurrency exchange the only regulated site in the country. At the same time, officials are developing a standardized system that will allow you to sell the seized bitcoins in the future.

It is noteworthy that the exact number of bitcoins in presence of state institutions in Germany, is unknown.

«We are only in 2018 will be entered into the criminal statistics of the value of the seized cryptocurrency», – reported in Department.

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