GMO revealed the price and specifications of the new ASIC miner on 7 nm chips

Japanese IT giant GMO Internet has announced the price and specifications of its new bitcoin miner SHA-256 — the world’s first such device on the basis of process technology, 7 nm. More information about the device followed a recent announcement
company with a promise to release ASIC miner this year.

At a press conference on Tuesday, the company said that the 7 nm ASIC that will run the new miner B2 designed in Japan but made in Taiwan.

The appearance of the 7 nm chip – remarkable event, as it will increase the productivity of miners of bitcoins, and at the same time theoretically will allow for some time to reduce power consumption, which is an important factor of return of investment for mining companies.

According to Bloomberg news on Twitter, the hash rate of the miner B2 — 24 Th/s with power consumption -1 950 watts. Thus, the device consumes 81 watts per 1 Th/s. For comparison, the current market leader — S9 Antminer from Bitmain, has 14 hash rate Th/s with power consumption of about 1 300 W, that is, the gain from the new process is small — less than 20%. However, the real performance of devices and overclocking capability will be known only after start of serial production.

B2 can take a leading position in the market, if the numbers are GMO are correct. However, the cost of the new device, according to the company — $1 999 that it is losing in terms of price and performance two Antminer S9 for $837, and a gain in power at the moment is not as large as expected from the new process.

As confirmation of the intent of the company to capture the market of mining, President of GMO, Masatoshi Kumagai (Masatoshi Kumagai), was reported to have said:

«The performance of the new device is much higher than the products of our main competitors. If we move from the more than 20,000 mining devices in Northern Europe on the miner GMO B2, then we can release almost half of the occupied areas, while maintaining performance. With all due respect to Bitmain – we’ll get ahead of them».

Kumagai also said that the company «invested in the development of this miner 10 billion yen» (about 91 million) and said: «We are not setting goals in sales, but if we fail to sell the required number of devices, we just use them in their mining enterprises. So I think that it is a great product in any case – we take no risks».

In addition, he added that «we also provide API for system monitoring that is compatible with the miner GMO B2, and tracking function the device in case it is stolen».

Miner B2 was announced
two weeks ago. Then the company said that pre-orders will begin June 6, and shipments in October this year. The official release happened a few months after the first application GMO in September last year. Then, the firm has announced
issue 7-, 5 -, and 3.5 nm chips for mining.

In General, it is safe to say that the progress of GMO in the mining industry is continuing – last year the company invested $90 million to support research in this area, including the development of chips for their own mining farms. And these investments were not in vain. At the end of last year the Corporation opened a division in mining in Europe, and in January of this year announced that work on mining in three months to $3.3 million.

It is also worth noting that GMO continues to increase mining capacity in April of this year the company has doubled your hash rate and all the time got 900 BTC and BCH 537. Although it is impossible to say how much the Corporation manages these activities, the total cost of this quantity of mined cryptocurrency today is almost $8 million.

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