Goldmoney customers buy bitcoins more than gold

The company Goldmoney, which provides services for the sale and storage of gold is now selling more bitcoins than precious metal.

Goldmoney is providing cryptocurrencies with precious metals and electronic payment system with cryptocurrency Team (has nothing to do with Bitcoin Gold) traded on the Toronto stock exchange. She has almost $2 billion of assets in more than 150 countries.

«The daily selling of bitcoins in a day exceeded the sale of precious metals. We see nearly half a million dollars a day net accumulation of cryptocurrency,» wrote company founder Roy Sebag (Roy Sebag) in his Twitter.

«There is no doubt that this bubble – I made a lot of money on bubbles. I invested in bitcoin when it was worth 6 dollars, and in the spring when the price began to rise. The fact that it is impossible to understand how it will be good,» said Sebag.

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