Google is developing a blockchain solution for cloud services

Google is developing its own solution based on technology of the blockchain, which intends to offer the companies for introduction to cloud services – it is about ensuring the security of customer data storage. Innovation will help Google to stand out from the competition.

In addition, one of the units Google is developing its own distributed Ledger that third-party companies can use to send and verify transactions. Date of product launch and other details are disclosed.

The Internet giant is also actively acquires and invests in startups in this area, often not making their actions public. However, according to research firm CB Insights, Google was a leading corporate investor in the past year, Google overtook Citigroup and Goldman Sachs Group.

«We have formed different teams working on different projects and exploring the potential use of the blockchain, but it is still early to talk about specific applications of this technology or our plans in this area», – said the representative of Google.

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