Google restricts the results of the advertising associated with the ICO and cryptocurrency

Google has decided to adopt the experience of Facebook to change ad policy towards cryptocurrency and ICO and have already started to restrict the issuing of ads in AdWords, mentioning products or services related to cryptocurrencies.

Despite the fact that Google has not yet received any official statements, marketing firms and public relations firms reported a significant decline in the issuance of ads related to cryptocurrency, ICO and projects on the blockchain.

A marketing company specializing in advertising ICO-projects (who asked not to name her) reported that daily results in AdWords dropped to practical zero. Trying to figure out the reasons the company has determined that their ads fell into the category of «limited» display.

There are also reports of complete blockage account, which was advertising or cryptocurrency related projects. For example, the Finnish blockchain project Lamium announced that their account in Google AdWords, with which they advertised their trading platform, was blocked. A similar incident occurred with the trading platform Crypto Bot Settings. And this is not isolated cases.

The official request to Google about the reasons for such behavior, the company was given the answer, which denied any change in official policy. However, at the moment all the blocked ads account in varying degrees, belong to the ICO or cryptocurrency.

But that’s not all. Messages about blocking of accounts and channels come and YouTube, which also belongs to Google. For example, no explanation was blocked by one of the most famous cryptocurrency channels on YouTube — Bad Crypto Podcast.

Hmm I wonder if Facebook & Google are trying to ban crypto leaders in addition to ads. Love your podcasts

— Joe Atwal (@Joetherealtor) 4 March 2018.

To queries about the reasons for blocking is that «the content violates the community rules».

The most important questions which now sets cryptologist is «why is the company earning money on advertising, have become so harsh and clumsy to deprive yourself sushestvenno share of the advertising budget?».

Most likely Facebook, Twitter, and now Google are feeling the pressure from us and canadian regulators. And if the pressure is strong enough, then Google may make the decision to act globally. It is known that the company has long considered the possibility of complete blocking of ads somehow related to cryptocurrency or ICO, even though this information is officially refuted.

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