Gosfilmofond uses the blockchain to protect the film archive

Gosfilmofond of Russia and the Association IPChain signed a partnership agreement in which will use the technology of the blockchain to protect the film archive, the press service of the Association.

«In the framework of the conference Startup Village signed a strategic partnership agreement between the National focal point for the transaction processing rights and intellectual property Association IPChain and FGBUK «State Fund movies Russian Federation» (the Gosfilmofond)», – told in the IPChain.

«The use of technology will allow the restoration and digitalization of minoriteam and to protect all the intellectual property of the Gosfilmofond, which will be placed in the registry network IPChain,» said Director General of the Gosfilmofond Vyacheslav Telnov.

According to the President of the Association IPChain Andrei Krichevsky, the blockchain will not only provide reliable protection of objects of intellectual property, but also give them new opportunities, a new life, creating conditions for their full turnover, which in turn, will provide a range of opportunities for preserving and promoting the archives of Gosfilmofond.

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