Gregory Maxwell, Blockstream leaves

Bitcoin Core developer Gregory Maxwell refused to work in a cryptocurrency company, Blockstream, to focus its efforts on the development of Bitcoin. He said this on the mailing list bitcoin-dev, adding that he had filed a resignation still in November, but the company considered it until now.

«I refused a position in Blockstream in November last year to pay more attention to Protocol, especially the new cryptographic technologies for privacy and security of bitcoin,» wrote Maxwell.

Maxwell, who was one of the founders of Blockstream, said his goal is the creation of a company that provides corporate blockchain solutions and contributes to the development of open source was to ensure the development of bitcoin with a consistent level of financial support, like Linux and other open source software projects.

«Blockstream can support the development of technologies and thereby contribute to the development of the community.The industry has developed, and today Bitcoin Core receives significant regular contributions from many organizations and volunteer community is much more active than ever before,» he said.

Maxwell said that his resignation will allow him to focus on the development of Bitcoin and less to manage the daily operations of the company. The developer intends to engage with privacy technologies, such as Bulletproofs, Confidential Transactions and merging signatures.

The community as a whole reacted positively to the request of Maxwell, given the reasons for the resignation, the former employees praise his leadership and thank you for your ongoing contribution to the development of Bitcoin.

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