Group En+ Oleg Deripaska gives miners the power to 100 MW

Group En+ Oleg Deripaska is in talks with several funds that attract investments in construction of mining farms on placement near power plants En+ in Irkutsk, Bratsk and Ust-Ilimsk.

That in 2018 the aggregate demand of the miners for electricity companies may be 100 MW, said General Director of En+ Maxim Sokov.

According to him, they are the consumers of electricity. Juice said that now funds collect a pool of investors, including international – Chinese and American.

We are talking about five sites. The capacity of Ust-Ilimsk hydroelectric power plant (HPP) is 3840 MW, and combined heat and power (CHP) – 525 MW. In Bratsk have En+ is a plant with a capacity of 4500 MW. In Irkutsk two sites: HPP with a capacity of 662 MW and a CHP capacity of 655 MW.

Juice outlined the future electricity prices for miners. According to him, the provision of electricity miners will allow En+ to expand the portfolio of clients.

En+ Group is a group of companies, part of the holding «Basic element» and control the assets of Oleg Deripaska in the energy sector, ferrous metallurgy and mining industry, as well as logistics and strategically related industries.

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