Group-IB: 2017 the number of cyber attacks on the stock market increased 10 times

Each cryptocurrency project with the release of the ICO is subjected to cyber attacks on average 100 times per month, according to experts involved in the investigation and prevention of cybercrime Group-IB company.

«The total volume of attacks has increased almost 10 times since the start of 2017», – noted in the study.

Cryptocurrency projects in 2017 most often encountered phishing – in this kind of attack has more than 50% of the stolen funds. So, Group-IB has identified a phishing gang that kidnaps during ICO from $30 thousand to $1.5 million monthly.

Deface (the substitution of the main page) is another common form of cyber attacks on ICO.

«Error in server configuration, web applications, compromising the passwords from the hosting, or the use of vulnerable software are one of the most common causes of hacking,» explain the experts.

According to the study, as a result of defacement, the attackers stole about $7.5 million in the first three minutes of the launch of ICO’s platform for portfolio management CoinDash.

Another popular form of fraud – the so-called attack «social vector», which implies the theft of cryptocurrency representatives of the projects through social networks and media resources.

In this case, attackers using social engineering techniques to send messages on behalf of the security service of cryptocurrency services, users declare the winners in the competition, allegedly involving a prize pool of cryptocurrency.

Intelligence Group-IB also recorded increased interest of potential fraud to the output of ICO-known companies, including Telegram messenger.

Among the possible cyber attacks on ICO in 2018 Group-IB called the complexity of fraudulent phishing schemes involving automation and the use of ready-made phishing kits, an increase in hacker attacks on members of cryptocurrency projects and distributing Android Trojans for hacking smartphones with cryptocurrency wallets.

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