Hacker returned 20 000 ETH, stolen during ICO Coindash

The company Coindash announced that 20 000 ETH was returned to the purse of the company with an address associated with the hacker, who last year stole about 37 000 ETH during the ICO. This is the second time when the hacker returned funds in Coindash.

February 23 Coindash said
through his blog that 20 000 ETH were transferred to the purse of the company at 12:01:41 GMT. In July last year, the hacker changed the address to transfer funds displayed on the site Coindash, and then stole approximately 37 000 ETH, submitted ICO. At that time the value of the coins was approximately $ 10 million. 20 000 ETH returned Coindash, now worth approximately $ 17 million.

This is the second case of a refund, the company Coindash — 10 000 ETH was sent
one of the wallets Coindash 19 September 2017. Ironically, the burglary, the victim of which Coindash was last year, then described as «a terrible event for investors and company» has now turned into a positive for developers, as the returned assets have increased significantly in price since last year.

According to the latest estimates, the total value returned exceeds 30 000 ETH $ 24 million – almost two and a half times more than the amount which was estimated coins on the time of the theft.

Blog Coindash says the company «has notified the Department on combating cyber-attacks Israel» on the transaction and that «the address of the hacker will be tracked and monitored for any suspicious activity.»

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