Hackers attempt to implement stolen from Coincheck tokens

The attackers, who organized a hacker attack on the Japanese stock exchange Coincheck and stole her wallets cryptocurrency NEM for more than $530 million, start looking for ways of realization of the stolen coins, reports Reuters.

Geoff McDonald (Geoff McDonald), Vice-President of the company NEM Foundation, said that he had tracked stolen coins and found that they are trying to sell the six stock exchanges. To determine the location of the owner of the account from which you are trading operations, have not yet succeeded. It is also impossible to reveal the number of coins that have already been implemented.

«Hacker is trying to sell the stolen coins on multiple exchanges. At the moment we are in touch with their leadership,» said McDonald.

It is known that the breaking of the Japanese stock exchange Coincheck happened last Friday, and the hackers managed to steal 526 million tokens NEM. Later, the exchange’s management said the damage at $535 million, put robbery at the head of the list of the biggest hacks in the history of cryptocurrency in terms of Fiat money. The exchange States that it will refund customers suffered from hacker attack damage at the expense of own means, however at a lower rate — $0.86 per token, whereas at the time of breaking the NEM was worth about $1.02.

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