Hackers use Youtube ads for the mining of cryptocurrencies

It was recently discovered that hackers trying to take over the capacities of computers to mining of cryptocurrencies now use commercials on YouTube for mining at the expense of the audience. In our days of cryptocurrency mining can be a highly profitable enterprise, and hackers are trying to maximize their profits.

According to Ars Technica, many Internet users in social networks complained that their antivirus found the malware for mining cryptocurrencies when you visit YouTube. Even after users switched to another browser, the antivirus program again outputs the warning when visiting YouTube.

Researchers in the field of security from Trend Micro said that the use of commercials on YouTube for the mining of cryptocurrencies has increased more than three times.

Experts in computer security say that cryptoservice used Google DoubleClick to serve ads to visitors of YouTube in countries such as Japan, France, Taiwan, Italy and Spain. The malware is written in JavaScript, and then built-in is with the purpose of mining Monero. Basically this is one of the most popular solutions for the use of users ‘ browsers for the purposes of mining – Coinhive.

In other cases hidden the JavaScript script embedded in the ad YouTube. This malware removes the intruders from the 30% Commission that they pay Coinhive. Both script programmed for the consumption of up to 80% of the capacity of the user’s computer. This leads to the failure of the system or its slow work. Independent researcher Murs Troy (Troy Mursch) said:

«Probably, YouTube was selected for cryptocurrency mining, because users are typically on the site for a long period of time. This is the main target for malware of cryptopolitico because the longer users bottom of cryptocurrency, the more money you earn the crooks.»

Worse, these programs mining of cryptocurrencies sometimes accompanied by ads for fake antiviruses that install even more malware on the computer. In a letter from a representative of Google, the company said that they have discovered a new malicious program and blocked access to their platforms to those who use it:

«Mining cryptocurrency through advertising is a relatively new form of fraud, which we actively monitor. We apply our policy through multi-level detection system on our platforms, which we update as new threats emerge. In this case, the advertisement was removed less than two hours, and its authors had blocked access to the platform.»

However, Google’s statement somewhat at odds with comments by Trend Micro, which claimed that the ads were blocked not for two hours. According to their estimates, mining Monero through the ads lasted about a week.

Before viruses for mining cryptocurrency mainly
based on the torrent trackers, but now the criminals have penetrated even to such a major platform like YouTube, the users ‘ confidence which is much higher.

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