Halong Mining and MyRig announced collaboration

Company Halong Mining and MyRig
began working together to bring to market a new miner DragonMint from Halong. DragonMint 16T, announced in November last year, was the result of 12 months research, development and investment at $ 30 million.

Hash rate miner — 16 Th/s with power consumption — 1440-1480 watts, it is optimized to run on 240V. ASIC DM8575 operates at a frequency of 85 GHz with energy efficiency 0.075 j/GHz. For use DragonMint no need to modify data centers if they are already configured to support a typical ASIC miner in China.

The device from Halong Mining is positioned as main rival Antminer S9, as it surpasses it in efficiency. However, Bitmain has great potential for the price of maneuver, because the design of their device is paid off long ago and krupnoseriynom production of S9 has been working for a year and a half.

2013 MyRig (formerly BitmainWarranty) carries out retail sales of miners and accessories, design and manufacture of printed circuit boards, software development, and warranty and repair services. Partnership with Halong means that MyRig will take care of retail sales of the new miner and will be responsible for support and warranty service DragonMint 16T. Thus, the ex-subsidiary company Bitmain will sell the equipment of a competitor.

Halong will produce DragonMint and continue to sell them directly – parties at least 5 pieces. Halong notes that this limitation is only valid when ordering on their website, but not when buying miners from MyRig – in this case, customers can purchase any number of devices, starting with one. Supply of miners will begin in the second half of April 2018. It is expected that the first batch has already been pre-paid clients, will be ready in March 2018.

According to the representative of MyRig, the company is ready to send the miners in any country where you are shipping UPS or DHL.

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