Hardware wallet Ledger starts support cryptocurrency Monero

A leading developer of code, an anonymous cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) Ricardo’s Spanyi (Riccardo Spagni) confirmed that Monero will shortly receive the official support of the manufacturer hardware wallet Ledger. Speaking during an episode of the podcast Doug Polk on April 9, Spani added that integration has already occurred.

«You can already see us in the Ledger, if you have a development kit,» said he. «While there are still a few small problems and necessary to solve some questions. I hope that simultaneously with the release 0.12.1 Monero will be the official support Ledger». Spanyi also demonstrated the progress of cryptocurrency in version of the wallet to developers on March 30 in his Twitter.

The statement of Spani was made a week after the network Monero occurred hardwork, designed to protect it from some types of ASIC miners. Spanyi previously promised «to do everything in his power» to allow individual miners to continue mining Monero. As a result, the hard forks proponents of ASIC mining has contributed to the emergence of at least five alternative currencies. Among them Monero and Monero Original Classic. Google Trends shows that currently, speculators are showing him significant interest, hoping to cash in on their sale.

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