Hedge Fund Pantera Bitcoin brought investors profit 25 004%

At the time when the price of bitcoin rose above 15 $ 500, hedge Fund Pantera Bitcoin Fund is one of the first venture funds that invested clients in the cryptocurrency, has notified its investors that this year the Fund earned 25 004% of the profits.

In dollar terms, the profit amounted to 2.1 billion dollars. With 1.7 billion investors preferred to withdraw and to invest in cryptocurrency to avoid paying Fund fees of 0.75% per annum. For comparison, the best hedge funds in the past year have been able to profit of 148%.

This success was achieved due to the fact that throughout time, the company bought bitcoins and sold them.

In this case, as says the founder of a hedge Fund and head of the crypto currency exchange Bitstamp Dan Morehead (Dan Morehead), the creation in 2013 of a company that focuses only on working with bitcoin, it was a difficult decision.

Like all hedge funds, the entrance to Pantera Bitcoin was only for accredited investors with substantial assets. The minimum investment was $ 50,000.

In its Pantera Bitcoin letter noted that the investors who work through the exchange, pay from 1.5 to 4% every time buy and sell bitcoin and withdraw profit and this is much more than a hedge Fund takes for their services.

Of the 175 cryptocurrency funds, which currently are direct competitors Pantera Bitcoin, 150 appeared this year. The very first investors in total invested in the company just $ 150 million. To date, the Pantera Bitcoin has six funds, which work with other cryptocurrencies.

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