Herman Klimenko: cryptool will require population pointless waste

Create cryptorama in Russia is possible, but the system of payments in the digital currency will require additional costs, e.g. transaction costs, said Herman Klimenko — Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation on development of the Internet, the Chairman of the expert group of the RF CCI cryptocurrency, alternative investment vehicles and technologies. He stated this during a press Breakfast on the preparation of the world summit on cryptocurrency and blockchain WBCSummit 2018.

«From a practical point of view, a cryptocurrency – it will be electronic money. We now have paper and metal money. If anyone reads fiction, remember, there’s a galaxy run by people, they have chips, and they have billions of galactic money. This is a normal and legal history, you can print a paper and digital trilliard rubles, but cryptorama is one drawback: it will only costs,» he said.

According to Klimenko, first and foremost, these costs include transaction costs.

«It will be the normal pay history, but unprofitable for the population, as in the translation of the cryptocurrency on the exchange or with her, as well as transfer it from purse to wallet users need to pay Commission,» he said.

Advisor to the President said that the Bank of Russia may release criptural, however, sees in this initiative make sense, despite the fact that from the point of view of traceability of movements of funds criptural better traditional of the ruble.

«I talked to CB, they’re just in this story do not see the sense of the sacred. May release, maybe not. The word «crypto» sounds good, but it will be the same money, just in the form of digital records,» – said Klimenko.

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