Homeless people in new York get smartphones with cryptocurrency

On the eve of Christmas the authors of a startup Blockchain for Change decided to give three thousand to the homeless of new York smartphones with crypto designed for dollars and cryptocurrency Coin Change.

In the beginning everyone will have 30 coins that can be spent on phone calls and Internet traffic. Only in new York more than 60 thousand people sleep in shelters and on the street, and most of them have no means of communication. The project initiators plan to distribute by mid-2018, around 200 000 gadgets.

Deluxe smartphone will come pre-installed special application Fummi, with which the homeless will be able to create a digital ID and thereby obtain access to public services and aid funds, find the nearest shelters and social canteens, monitor your spending at the hairdresser, the clothes, shower and bed.

This is the first project of assistance to the homeless using the technology of the blockchain. At an early stage the project received a $ 500,000 investment.

According to various estimates, around 1.1 billion people worldwide are officially registered, which hinders their access to Bank accounts, loans, government programs and services. In addition, it is hoped that the introduction of the blockchain will help to reduce corruption and waste. According to the UN, about 30% of the aid never reaches its legitimate destination.

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