How is the development of purses that support Lightning Network

Despite the fall in the price of bitcoin throughout 2018, which has confused many investors, behind the scenes of the network since the beginning of the year continued active work on the development of solutions to scale the Lightning Network, the result of which appeared a few LN-wallets.

Technology Lightning will help reduce the load on the network by displaying the transaction in the second Protocol layer. Some mobile wallets with the support of LN are now in development and soon to be presented to the community, which will lead, finally, to spread the practical use of Lightning.


A bitcoin wallet Eclair with support for Lightning, developed by the French company ACINQ, is the result of three years of work. Purse Eclair — real host Lightning, not a remote control application for the site running on the server. Users can transfer money from the «settlement» account on the «savings» account, close the channels, set the invoice via Lightning and pay them using QR codes or received the same account.

Dominic PADI (Dominique Padiou), engineer in Eclair, noted that the calculation of the route charge is made by the wallet to ensure privacy, the same privacy of a full node or server. At the moment, wallet only works for sending payments. This is a deliberate step, since the company believes that users need Lightning mobile wallet for payments, but not necessarily to receive them. However, in the future we plan to add functionality of accepting payments.

At the moment funds are finding in the channels of LN can not be supported by the application. Padio, said that the company plans «to improve the work of the wallet in the future, to make it more safe and to add a mechanism to support channel LN». Currently wallet is only available in the Google Play Store.

Lightning Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Lightning — purse SPV on the basis of BIP37 developed by Anton Kamigoroshi. It provides full support for Lightning Network that provides both network and out-of-network transaction. It is available in test and the core network.

Processing both types of transactions is done locally. Users can send and receive bitcoins almost instantly via dedicated channels. One of the unique qualities of this wallet — the use of token storage to store backups of the channels and a pending refinancing transaction in anonymous mode.

This process is important because «the presence of a mnemonic phrase will not lead to the return of your lost balance channel, if you have no backup,» said Kamigoroshi. The possibility of the disappearance of funds due to the incompatibility remains, but Kamigoroshi added that «wallet offers protection from data loss outside of your network by automating the channel.» This wallet is available in Google Play Store.


Rawtx is a mobile wallet Lightning Network for Bitcoin that enables users to send and receive bitcoin test network in the blockchain and a network of Lightning. Lead developer, known under the pseudonym «raw tx», notes that they have created a wallet for users who want to test and see with the Lightning technology.

He also spoke about the unique characteristics of the purse. «To start with it is easiest. One of the first things that we show to the user how to open a channel with the «valve» Lightning. Purse Rawtx created on the basis of lnd is one of the most stable implementations of the Lightning.

Currently, the app supports transaction on the network, but not fully. Developer purse notes that the current application, which you can download, only available for the test network. But already started testing in the core network, and it looks promising.

The iOS version for a purse Rawtx is planned for release at the end of this month, while Android version can be found here.

The problem of availability

It was also released purses and other supporting Lightning: LND Thin Wallet designed Union 7 Labs, Project Swift Lightning and Lightning Shango Wallet. They offer similar features with very slight difference in the structure and how they handle out-of-network transaction.

Despite the fact that the technology of Lightning has undergone significant changes since, as was first proposed in 2015, purses will have to implement many improvements before they can make Commission daily payment simple and convenient for the average user.

There are currently 2135 open nodes and 5566 channels. Despite the fact that the majority of the community is inspired by new technology, we should not rush into the pool with his head. It makes sense to exercise caution when making any payments with support for LN, since the technology is still in development, and no one is immune from unpleasant surprises.

There are also problems related to usability, which can affect the speed of diffusion of technology, if they are not fixed soon. They come to the fore if necessary, create a channel. The user must pass the number of confirmations before it is approved, therefore, it needs to monitor it closely.

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