How much are domain names with the words bitcoin and the blockchain

As well as helping the tide to go broke with all ships, the growth of bitcoin affects many cryptocurrencies processes. Video card manufacturers and mining companies are not the only lucky ones who are now enjoying the advantage of the rise of the price of bitcoin. Domain names that contain in their names the word bitcoin also become extremely popular. Sellers are asked for the domain name bitcoin of the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the price of individual instances is measured in millions.

Bitcoin in the public domain

The popularity of Bitcoin has soared along with its market capitalization. However, wishing to purchase memorable name for a website you have to shell out. The best domain with the name Bitcoin (such as or have long occupied, and some available instances cost a lot of money. For example, the domain valued at $350 000. By the way, just two weeks ago, this domain was estimated at $275 000 — further evidence that the growth rate of bitcoin pull all, or otherwise associated with cryptocurrency.

Provider of domain names, the company Uniregister, invited to amuse the vanity of the popular name of several website based on bitcoin names. Aspiring buyers who are hesitant to spend 350 thousand dollars per domain can buy a cheaper name – for example, valued at $2 888.

What bloccano?

Good or bad, but this year the term «blockchain» has become one of the most popular and fashionable word. So it is hardly someone will surprise that based on the blockchain names are also in great demand. The person who will not regret to pay 2.75 million dollars for the name, it is better to create the killer app that use the underlying bitcoin technology to somehow justify their investment.

Not too wasteful to fans of the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, too, has something to please yourself — there is a proposed domain name cost of $ 8 500.

Domains are in short supply

However, sky-high price of domains does not mean that they will find their buyers. It’s hard to imagine that someone will agree to pay 1.5 million dollars for names like cryptocurrencyoffers, cryptocurrencyhacked or cryptocurrencyvillas.

It should be noted also that although bitcoin is the leader of cryptocurrency market capitalization, in respect of the domain names he ranks second, behind the second most popular coin — Ethereum. So, wishing to acquire the name will have to pay as much as $ 10 million. Although the URL is still free, domain was sold in October for $ 2 million.

On the other hand, the domain name was sold in March of this year for only $28 000. If the seller waited a little, now he had all the chances to sell a domain much more. However, despite the high prices of domains to record levels bitcoin far — the highest ever price paid for a domain name and made 90 million dollars.

The most complete historical collection deals with domain names that contain popular cryptocurrency terms, you can see on this website. Unfortunately, it is not updated for over a year.

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