How Russia will work to standardize the blockchain

In the structure of Rosstandart and on the basis of «National information system» earned a Technical Committee on standardization of technologies of the distributed registry.

The leadership of the new TC 159 will develop requirements for hardware and software of the blockchain, and to introduce standards of security and confidentiality of processing, storage and transmission of data. It is planned that the relevant Committee will raise the development of the technology of the distributed registry to a new level, which will increase the availability and quality of the digital economy and the credibility of the society.

How does the Committee for standardization of the blockchain, and what are the goals of the new structure, the correspondent said the Chairman of the Technical Committee 159, head of the laboratory of high energy physics, MIPT, corresponding member of RAS Tagir Aushev.

TAgir, tell us what is the Technical Committee?

The technical Committee was established in December last year. It included representatives of high-tech business sectors that work with technologies of distributed registry, and public and private organizations interested in the practical application of these technologies. Among them are the undisputed leaders and the backbone enterprises of the domestic market, as the Central Bank, Vnesheconombank, Sberbank, Rostelecom, representatives of the transport and it sectors, small and medium businesses.

For what purpose it was created?

Technologies of the distributed registry and the blockchain is an actively developing region in Russia and worldwide thanks to a number of unique properties, is able to provide high performance solutions built on their base. Like any new area, they require balanced, systematic approach, including definition of standards, requirements, compliance with which will allow solutions to become high-quality and safe, and that means effectively that you need the business to gain competitive advantage and increase returns from it investments. The state to create a transparent efficient digital mechanisms to accurately determine the legislative field and to protect the interests of society.

I would like to emphasize that the main purpose of this Committee is not to develop restrictions and controls over business, but to create the conditions for its rapid and steady growth. Today we can and must be among the world leaders in technology of the distributed registry and the blockchain. It is so fast growing that tomorrow, the chance may not be. So the time for «rocking” no, and we plan to start active work with the first days. The benefit of the participants, our colleagues working in this advanced field, by definition — people active and interested.

What is the organization structure?

The main part of the work of the Committee will be held in the virtual space — a personal account of the Committee on the website of Rosstandart. There are all necessary tools for remote collaborative work of members of the technical Committee. The accumulation of information and issues that require full-time consideration, we will gather at any of the sites. For the first meeting of such a site, graciously provided Festejar.

What are the challenges facing the Committee?

Now one of our main objectives is to define key areas of work of the Committee, which standards the most relevant and important for the market right now to form in these areas, the working groups and to begin the development of normative-technical documentation.

The most important thing — the Committee is an open platform where representatives will not only Express their opinions, their position, but to develop specific informed decisions, to shape the rules of regulations that encourage industry development and the market, not suppress it, and convey a unified, constructive and reasoned position to state. Only joint efforts to involve all stakeholders we will be able to develop literate living standards.

Which topics will be paid attention in the first place?

Now the blockchain is actually outside the Russian legal field. It is important to define both the terminology and the status of a number of concepts. For example, the “token” is any token if now equate to a means of payment, it will instantly kill the entire market in Russia and all projects will go away from the Russian jurisdiction. The same issues are the legal status of information and storage in the blockchain of personal data. These and many other topics will be the subject of detailed consideration by the Committee in the near future.

Will there be national standards combined with international?

Of course, coordination between national and international standards is of great importance. Conflicting standards will create barriers to entry of domestic projects on world markets and will close our market to foreigners, and this not only for investments, and, more importantly, will slow the pace of our development. So we are in close contact with our international partners for standardization (ISO/TC 307) and plan to actively interact with them in the development of national standards.

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