How to identify a promising new cryptocurrency

If you happen to acquire bitcoins at the beginning of their history, most likely, you’ve led a sheltered life. No investment in the world did not bring as much profit as brought in the last few years bitcoin and people believed in the approach of scriptorially, became a multimillionaire. This incredible success has led to the fact that in recent years, many investors are trying to find the next bitcoin, which just a few years (or months) they will be able to increase your income by thousands of percent. Many have succeeded and in the beginning of the boom. ICO when many tokens suddenly grew in value tenfold. But, unlike bitcoin, most of them as quickly and suddenly collapses. So what you need to consider to find the next bitcoin?

On detection of the following breakthrough cryptocurrency can take quite a long time, as each month on the market there are hundreds of new coins. Not all of them are successful, so it’s important to go for broke, otherwise you can lose everything. With cryptocurrency still have a number of risks, one of which is regulation, which promises to become in 2018 is a very hot topic, and investing in any cryptocurrency can fully depreciate.

Below are the basic tips that will help you determine the best new products among cryptocurrency 2018:

No. 1: Low price

If you want to earn good money on the purchase of cryptocurrency, it is best to pay attention to new coins worth less than a dollar, so how cheap coins are more likely to grow. This is a good tactic for investors who are not willing (or not having) opportunities for large investments. By choosing this tactic, it is very important to spread the risk by investing in several cryptocurrencies, not one. So how do you get coins cheap, there is a possibility that some of them in a short period of time will rise in price several times., others, on the contrary, will fall. Multiple examples of the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency space is more than enough.

No. 2: the possibility of using

Exploring the market, you must determine which coins will be most in demand. You need to choose those that are most likely to be used as money, or perform other useful functions. Moreover, the best odds have a cryptocurrency that can provide users something new. If the coin does not bear any unique features — it would be difficult to break among the many forks of the same type.

No. 3: How much talking about her

One of the main driving factors of the new cryptocurrency is the amount of noise around her. The best place to check this feature, the forums, Reddit and various cryptocurrency sites. Watch what kind of currency do more talking and use this information in their study. And don’t believe every word. Even the much-touted projects might not be what they seem, and in the long run is likely to collapse.

No. 4: the Creators

Another factor that should draw attention – who created the cryptocurrency. If the team is public and there are people known in the cryptocurrency community, the chances of such a project significantly increase. If the developers had not previously participated in cryptocurrency projects, or even anonymous, and especially if the source codes of the new cryptocurrency is not available — it should be treated with caution.

No. 5: Dynamics of stock charts

Undoubtedly, one of the main sources of information are the graphs of price and volume. You must pay attention to the graphics with a steady growth of these indicators. If cryptocurrency periodically shows the vertices with the subsequent fall — she probably engaged in the manipulators, and the growth of real demand there.


Investing in cryptocurrency or ICO, remember that this is a high-risk investment. If you make the right choice, you can provide yourself and your family for life. But you can just as easily lose almost all attachments, if you pick the wrong one. To predict the cryptocurrency market is extremely difficult due to the large number of rapidly developing projects, and various accidents, therefore, the distribution of risks is the best investment strategy.

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