Hunting for cryptomerioides: Lerner and other

The recent increase in attacks on holders of the cryptocurrency in which the victims were deprived of substantial sums, including in Fiat currencies. Most of the fuss about the kidnapping and subsequent release of Paul Lerner, an employee of the exchange Exmo, many details of which remain unknown. However, in the beginning of 2018, there have been several similar cases.

How much was the release of Paul Lerner

27 December last year of a native of Kursk, the former managing Director of cryptocurrency exchanges EXMO LLP Paul Lerner was kidnapped in Central Kiev. Less than two days later he was released. Recently, he commented on the Ukrainian online edition of «Country» to disappear.

Paul Lerner said:

«I was kidnapped by unknown people after he got out of the car my friend the driver. Unknown called themselves representatives of the intelligence agencies, their faces I had not considered. After the kidnapping I was kept in the basement, where I was put under psychological pressure. My freedom was completely limited, and hand – cuffed».

A half day after Lerner had complied with the requirements of the intruders relative to the ransom, he was dumped on the highway near Kiev, taking two phones and a computer. At this time on the EXMO was hit by a DDOS attack that stopped the market for some time.

Cryptocurrency exchange EXMO included in the thirty largest in the world by trading volume. According to the materials, the market capitalization of the exchange reached $ 300 million, and the number of users has reached 900 thousand. The company is registered in the UK, known in Russia, and conducts operations in Ukraine.

Law enforcement authorities are still searching for the kidnappers Lerner. The main motive of the crime they associated with the foreclosure and the assignment of the wallets in bitcoin. The volume of repurchase adviser to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko estimated at 77 BTC, or about $ 1 million, and sources close to law enforcement agencies, announced «the Country» amount to 160 bitcoins, equivalent to $ 2 million.

Paul himself does not mention the ransom and suggests who might’ve taken him. In the near future, blockchain expert is going to leave Ukraine. His family lives some years in Barcelona.

Other incidents

Ukrainian users and activists of cryptocurrency is not the first time it is necessary not only for the safety of their wallet, but also for themselves. So, December 15, 2017, the SBU raided in a rented apartment in Odessa, the founder of the cryptocurrency Forklog Anatoly Kaplan. As reported by Sam Caplan, during a search employees of SBU tried to transfer bitcoins from his wallet to the laptop and after he called the police, the attempts stopped. However, the next day with his wallet for the ether was removed about 305 ETH (more than $400,000 today), which still has not returned. On the same day from the office Forklog was handed down all the equipment (about 10 iMac).

20 December 2017 in the village Borova, Kharkiv region, two unknown attacked a web designer in his apartment and forced him to translate from the purse 15 BTC (about $200,000), and 2 00 hryvnias in cash. According to the victim, he received bitcoins as the fee for developing web sites.

On November 17 in Moscow the gang of robbers played quite a creative scene to take 15 million rubles in cash from a businessman, who came to exchange them for bitcoins. During the transaction a few people came in to the office, where the exchange took place, and accused of fraud «the contractor» of the victim, twisting his hands, and having withdrawn with him, don’t forget to grab the suitcase with the cash. On the street, they fled.

And yesterday, January 15, there was another loud attack, this time in the Leningrad region of Russia. His victim was cryptologi Paul Nasin leading YouTube channel about cryptocurrency «Cryptic». The attackers beat blogger, broke his equipment and took a safe with 20 million and 70 thousand dollars. Besides, they tied his guest and took his iPhone X and 150 thousand rubles in cash. According to the neighbor, heard the conversation of the robbers, they were going to kidnap him, but changed his mind. This time the robbers were not interested in cryptocurrencies, limiting the usual rubles and dollars.

Obviously, cryptomerioides now you should think about your personal safety, not only to protect their wallets from hackers. Cryptocurrencies have become popular not only among the cyberhawks, but among the real, «offline criminals», who also appreciated the anonymity and irrevocably cryptocurrency payments.

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