Hydrominer: Green, Efficient and Profitable Cryptocurrency Mining Initiative

Cryptocurrency mining is known to consume lots of energy. This basically means that if one would want to set up a mining farm then energy costs should be on top of their list. Couple all this with the changing climate, it is important that the carbon footprint of your mining farm should be considered. Such a scenario calls for a keen look at some of the ways through which crypto assets can be mined.

While mining is indeed profitable, the latest technology and proprietary software within a mining farm should be put into optimum use to ensure that you get a return on your investments.

Hydrominer aims to offer exactly this. This mining farm is committed to running its rigs in an ecologically friendly manner while putting into consideration its carbon footprints. To run the farm, the company will put into use the hydroelectric power, that too right at the source. Hydrominer will be setting up the mining equipment within hydroelectric power stations, ensuring a direct line of electricity to its equipment.

Located in the Alps region, the company already has few mining rigs set up and running. The eco-friendly nature of hydroelectricity, combined with almost 85% lower energy costs compared to other European regions makes the project more efficient than any other mining project. These features also work in favor of investors, as their money can go a long way in improving the infrastructure and generate greater returns.

Proprietary Water Cooling Technology on Miners

Apart from all this, the mining farm will also employ a proprietary water cooling technology to cool its mines. This will result in high performance in its mining equipment. The currencies that will be mined on this farm will be determined by a special algorithm on the mining hardware. These have been set up to optimize on currencies that are scalable and most profitable to mine.

What Hydrominer also does differently is that they are offering investors shares on watts that they have purchased with their tokens. This is remarkably different from other mining farms that may offer shares on hash rates. The main reason why this is good for investors is that when you invest in hash rates, this may change with time. Your investments may not give you the desired returns as more equipment get into the market. Investing in watts makes more sense as you get to earn attractive returns based on the amount of power your mining rig uses.

Hydrominer is set to launch its ICO on 25th September 2017. Investing in this company not only shows that the investor is conscious of their carbon footprint but also clearly indicates that there are profits that can be made in mining farms powered by hydroelectricity.

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