IBM has patented a system of checkpoints in the blockchain

IBM has received two patents on the system, verifies the integrity of the blockchain by verifying, does it meet the relevant requirements in certain periods of time.

Both patents were issued may 31 and are connected in that they describe certified «control points» that can be audited. The main purpose of these checkpoints is to give companies the opportunity to comply with the requirements of checking and saving data when you connect to the network.

According to IBM, the first patent explains the essence and the content of the control point. The idea is that all peers/ nodes in the network engaged in fact, reached consensus on the authenticity of the blockchain at the time of the snapshot.

In the brief description of the first patent reads:

«Before a checkpoint will be certified, it must be compatible, that is all the validation of her peers must reach the same state (values) for the checkpoint. Preferably, the reference point was a compressed version of the current state of the blockchain in a compact representation (e.g. hash value) of the registry that is compatible with (tested) peers».

The idea is the ability of the audit from the very beginning (the first block). This is done to ensure the observance of the immutable and consensus at a particular point in time.

The second patent is based on the first and describes how the verification of control points. The company can always return to points already certified, and sync your data with the data from the blockchain.

In the description of the second patent States:

«To get certified, check the blockchain, the auditor should be able to play back the transaction between control points, and then compare the value of the last control point with the value stored in the registry. The first step in this audit process is a double check of the hashes of all blocks in the chain. If you approach more carefully, it is necessary to verify the signatures of all transactions, although the hashes of all blocks should be enough».

It is worth noting that the last time IBM had a great interest in products and services for corporate clients using the blockchain — especially scaling the blockchain and supply chain management.

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