ICE and Blockstream to create an analogue of CoinMarketCap

The Corporation is Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) will work with blockchain-company Blockstream on a tool that provides streamlined information about the price of bitcoin. The release of the tool to be held in March.

«Access to such data is vital for accurate evaluation of the cryptocurrency market, according to the ICE website. New tool gives you access to streaming real-time operations by the end of day and historical data for the most traded digital currency».

The development will contain information about the six major cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP and LTC DASH. Likely, the tool will be similar to one of the resources monitoring cryptocurrency market – CoinMarketCap, but at the same time to the needs of traders with wall street.

ICE reported that it intends to take data in 15 exchanges and send them to large financial companies, including hedge funds and professional traders. These data will be transferred in a format that is easy to use with constantly updated metrics.

«Blockstream is working with cryptocurrency exchanges around the world and brings together the scattered information in a normalized and standardized data source that includes information about real-time trading history and other relevant data, such as quantities, prices, currency and time stamps,» reads the statement.

The tool is developed in order to limit the delay in determining prices and providing the proximity information in real time.

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